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Hotel Management System in java (JFrame, Netbeans, Mysql Database) Complete Project (step by step)


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Review De Java Hotel Bandung

De Java Hotel yang berada di jalan Sukajadi Bandung, tepatnya berada di depan mall Paris Van Java. Hotel ini dengan bintang 4. Sayangnya pada review kali ini tidak bisa berenang. Akan tetapi sebagai gantinya ada review Dinner di malam tahun baru 2021.

Java Hotel Review | Laoag Ilocos Norte Philippines

Java hotel is the best hotel in Laoag and a best value hotel compare to the amenities provided. If you plan to travel in Ilocos Norte in the Philippines this resort is one of the best.
Book a room at Java Hotel :

We mainly discuss about the location, the entrance, the restaurant (Eagles'Nest), the bar, the beautiful rooms, all the amenities like Swimming Pool, Tennis Court, Climbing wall and the profesionnal staff !

If you plan to travel in Laoag city – Ilocos Norte in the Philippines this hotel is definitely a good choice.

You will be near of many activities like Sand Dunes of Paoay, Ilocos Museum in Laoag, Taoid Museum, Aurora Park in Laoag, Sinking Bell and Tower, Saint William Metropolitan Cathedral, San Augustin Church of Paoay, Paoay Lake, Malacañang of the North (Residence of the family of former president Ferdinand Marcos).

The complete review of Java Hotel :

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