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How to Play Scrabble

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In Scrabble, players earn points by constructing words with letter tiles and placing them on a grid. Each letter has a different point value, there are 100 letter tiles, and only one letter tile can fit in a grid space.

Step 1: Draw seven letter tiles
Have each player remove one tile out of the tile bag. The player that gets the letter closest to the letter "A" goes first. Each player then draws seven tiles from the tile bag.

The first player begins the game by placing a word on the star square at the center of the board, either horizontally or vertically. This star acts as a double-word score.

Step 2: Score each word
Tally each word score by adding point values for each letter in the word. Point values range from 0 points for a blank tile to 10 points for the letters "Q" and "Z." Use a paper and a pen to keep track of the word scores for each player.

Some squares on the board allow you to multiply the tile's value by two or three.

Step 3: Continue play
Continue playing in a counterclockwise direction around the board. During each turn, a player can decide to place a word on the board, exchange tiles, or pass.

If a player decides to exchange tiles, replace them with an equivalent number from the tile bag. If they choose this option, they cannot do anything else on that turn.

Step 4: Choose new tiles
After placing a word on the board, draw an equal number of new tiles from the tile bag so that each player always has seven tiles.

Step 5: Continue until game ends
Continue playing. All letters played must touch at least one letter that is already on the board to form at least one complete word. When one player has used all of their tiles or no one can make any more words, the game ends.

If a player uses all seven of their tiles in one turn, they add a 50-point bonus to their word score.

Step 6: Challenge words
Consult a dictionary only if you're challenging another player's word. If the word isn't in the dictionary, the player loses their turn. If the word is allowed, the challenger loses their turn.

Step 7: Calculate the scores
Calculate each player's final score by adding up the points from all of their word scores. Then, subtract the sum of their unplayed letters. If one player has used up all of their letters, add the sum of everyone else's unplayed letters to their score. The player with the highest score wins.

Did You Know?
Invented in the 1930s, Scrabble did not achieve widespread popularity until the early 1950s when, according to legend, the president of Macy's played the game on vacation, and then ordered it for his store.
Christine Brunelligneau : "I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους
Moshe Rivera : "I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους
Fahima Khanam : 2:18
Itz_SapphireMoon ! : My teacher told me to watch this
Tracy Morgan : "I recommend this guide:
So grateful it exists."

Η τέλεια μέθοδος για όλους
T 4 toys : Hi check this video also

Andrew Smith : Scrabble is quite simply the most odious game ever invented.My loathing for it knows no bounds.
DANIEL MENEZES BAKA : I resolved all my Scrabble game problems through imogen_hack on IG
DANIEL MENEZES BAKA : I resolved all my Scrabble game problems through imogen_hack on IG

Professional Scrabble Players Replay Their Greatest Moves | The New Yorker

Professional Scrabble players and champions discuss their favorite, most improbable, worst, most patient, most regretful, and most humbling plays and moves of all time.

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Professional Scrabble Players Replay Their Greatest Moves | The New Yorker
Aaron Trujillo : I am a little bit confused by what happened at 7:30. How does the ir affect the spelling of lier?
Crazy cat Playz : I got 171 points using jet forty goo game through 2 triple words
denelson83 : "stopbanks" scored 68 for Will.
pederast pede : This is like the chess video but bad
chakra : it's 3 am and i dont know how to play scrabble yet i watched it till end..
Reeceeboy2410 : The best word i ever played was zulu (120 points) and the longest is unfriendly
Mich Obia : Chess is better
Hariom Talreja : I play scrabble with my uncle and my high score was 540
randy owens : Go play on word biz, gives you get a ranking so can match up well and improve, just look up word biz
randy owens : My best point play was the word queening, hitting a triple triple, I didn't even know how to score it but was playing online it scored 221 points. I have also played axolotl but not as many points.

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